Picture of Vertex® (Pre-Wetted Wipers)

Vertex® (Pre-Wetted Wipers)

High Performance for Demanding Applications.

100% continuous-filament, polyester knit fabric wipers. The wiper’s unique design provides a very soft feel and high sorptive capacity which reduces the number of wipes needed for spill control. This is a versatile wiper capable of high performance in a variety of demanding applications.

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Product Number Description Packaging Availability
Picture of Vertex® Pre-Wetted TX42P
12" x 12" nominal (30cm x 30cm)
70% USP-grade IPA
pre-wetted with 70% IPA 12" x 12" 50 wipers/reclosable bag 4 bags/case 200 wipers total More Info
Picture of Vertex® Pre-Wetted TX49P
9" x 9" nominal (23cm x 23cm)
70% USP-grade IPA
pre-wetted with 70% IPA 9" x 9" 75 wipers/bag 4 bags/case 300 wipers total More Info